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Lavender Heals the Heart

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

"Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place"- Rumi

When my marriage of almost 30 years ended, I bought a lavender farm!

Not knowing anything about farming or living in a remote area, I took a leap of faith. I felt an instant connection to the land and knew that I had come home to heal my heart.

I researched everything about growing lavender, attended seminars and took my first trip to Provence. I was in Heaven! This was exactly where I needed to be for the next chapter of my life.

After 13 years of creating an Agri-Tourism business and welcoming thousands of visitors every Spring/Summer, I hosted weddings, yoga retreats and had 7 Airbnbs on the property. The healing that came from being in Nature touched many lives. Visitors loved walking the Labyrinth that included crystals to assist with Clarity, (clear quartz), Compassion (rose quartz) and Reducing negativity (black tourmaline).

Lavender is well known for its healing properties. Guests received more than just a walk in the lavender fields. I hope that sharing a small part of my personal journey inspires you on your path to healing.

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