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History of Keys Creek

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

A little history about the lavender farm. I purchased the property in 2008 and enjoyed 13 years in lavender heaven!

We planted over 50,000 plants on over 8 acres. Lavender takes 3 years to mature! We had 12 varieties that included Grosso, Royal Velvet, Provence, French Dentata, Sweet, Abrialli, Goodman Creek, Graves, Hidcote, Yellow Lavender, and a few others for our curiosity garden for the visitors.

All the plants were harvested by hand and distilled in our 100-gallon distillery. It would take 2-3 hours per harvest of 300 pounds of material to extract approximately 32 ounces of essential oil. Some varieties yield more than others, so this is an average. Grosso would yield the most oil at 40 ounces per batch.

The essential oil was then incorporated into our high-quality line of bath and beauty products. We had an on-site Gift Store and Tea House where you could sample all things lavender, such as tea, lemonade, honey, jelly, scones and cookies.

Besides distilling the lavender, we would sell freshly cut bundles or hang them to dry. This process took two weeks of drying, trimming and putting them into cellophane sleaves to sell throughout the year.

May and June are the blooming season.

Since the sale of the lavender farm in July 2021 our most loved products are still available on line. We are no longer in the various farmers markets since Covid-19.

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